About me

Instructor    Kazue OIKE

Spent her school years in Kyoto and worked in Osaka. After marriage, moved from Niigata to Kagawa, then Kyoto to Belgium, and back to Kyoto in 1999. At 38, she had a terrible headache and went to see a doctor, who told her that she was not getting enough exercise. After trying many different types of yoga, she found Ashtanga yoga. After practicing for a while, her headaches soon disappeared. Gradually, her physical strength and energy improved, and she also developed a mental attitude that was surprisingly resilient to stress at home and at work.


She studied Ashtanga Yoga with various teachers and completed the Sanghawai teacher training (RYT500) with Yoko Fujiwara. She continues to study with Yoko Fujiwara.

In December 2022, she retired from the French school in Kyoto where she worked for 22 years and started her yoga studio TADATADA.